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Dr Dora Bernardes (Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, 2010) provides clinical psychology services for children, young people and families.  Dora also provides excellent clinical supervision for professionals working with children and high quality training on psychological skills. Appointments are available in person at Homedale Health in Exeter. For further information, email Dora at or call on 07377 – 89790.


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Clinical Psychological assessments and interventions to better understand and support children with their development and happiness.

Psychological interventions  to support adolescents, using a non-judgmental and strengths-based approach. 

Support for parents with the challenging task of parenting. Space to consider the needs of parents as well as the needs of children and young people towards a more  enjoyable family life. 

Support for parents who have adopted to understand what may be going on, explore ways to re-fuel and re-charge so that family life is the best it can be.

Training in Psychological Skills in a wide range of topics for both parents and professionals working with children.

Clinical supervision to professionals working with children and young people in healthcare, social care an in education. This is a reflective and supportive space.

Testimonials from clients

Dora connected with my daughter from the first meeting, who reported back to me how she felt listened to and supported. My daughter felt safe with Dora to share her story, her fears, hopes and so much more which lead to a very positive outcome regarding the impact of Dora’s work with my child. I would sincerely recommend Dora’s service as she really made a difference to our life within a relatively short space of time. I can’t thank her enough.

November 2020

The sessions with Dora were very helpful for my daughter. She put us at ease and provided a safe and comfortable environment for her to express herself. She provided helpful strategies and my daughter is more positive and able to problem solve when things are tricky. 

January 2021

My daughter says ‘it was helpful to get things off my chest, those things don’t feel like a problem anymore’. 

January 2021


“We found Dora to be a warm an insightful clinician. Among other things, she offered lots of practical advice on how to help our 5 year old overcome her fears. Our daughter is a bright, highly sensitive child who had to start school during a disruptive pandemic, with no previous experience of attending nursery, so the transition proved very difficult. Dora’s advice was invaluable and we made great progress in a very short space of time.”

Dr M.

July  2022


If you are looking for support for yourself as a parent or perhaps you are worried about your child or teenager, get in touch with us. We provide clinical psychology services to support children and young people’s mental health in Devon. You are welcome to try our excellent clinical service, based on  evidence-based therapies and latest research that can make a difference to you and your family.

Dora Bernardes provides clinical supervision to individuals and teams. Contact us if you would like to arrange clinical supervision which is supportive, professional and that will help you advance your skills and progress in your clinical work with your clients.

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Ways to get in touch

For any information about our Child Psychology Services then please contact  Dora Bernardes who will be happy to help.


Appointments in Exeter,
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Appointments take place in Homedale Health, Denmark Street, Exeter.

Homedale Health is within walking distance from Exeter Central Train Station.