what is a clinical psychologist?

A clinical psychologist is a professional who has completed a Doctoral Training in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy). In the UK, the DClinPsy often comprises of a 3 year Postgraduate course with a taught component and an applied component. Typically, a DClinPsy Trainee carries out 5 clinical placements during the 3 years of training in order to gain clinical experience in a wide range of settings. 

are our conversations confidential ?

What we talk about remains confidential, that means that your  information will not be shared with others. This is the case unless we think that you, your child or anyone else it at risk of serious harm. In such situations, we would seek to discuss this with you and explain why we would need to comply with our duty of care.  For more information,  please see our Privacy Policy.

HOW do i make an appointment?

Simply contact Dora Bernardes by emailing her  on dorabernardes@protonmail.com about your needs, and Dora will be happy to advise you.


do you offer evening and weekend appointments?

At present no weekends appointments or evening appointments are provided due to childcare. However, in the future one late afternoon clinic may be opened.

what happens at the Psychology appointments?

I often explain to clients that a Clinical Psychology appointment is about having a conversation. When working with young children and adolescents, to engage in those conversations I draw on creative ways to facilitate talk and expression. So, I may engage in play, storytelling, drawing and other arts with children and young people as a way to explore their inner worlds. In this, I am guided by each child and young person’s interests.


How many sessions would I need?

This will be different for each person/family. We always seek to offer interventions that meet the individual needs of our clients. Usually, 6-16  sessions are recommended, followed by a session to review progress and to agree further work, if necessary. The appointments normally happen on a weekly basis, preferably at a regular time and date as this often facilitates the therapeutic process.


wHow do I check that a clinician is qualified?

Dora Bernardes is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society and with the Health and Care Professions Council. You can check her credentials by searching for their details on the internet. Furthermore, Dora Bernardes has Professional Liability Insurance, undertakes regular professional development training and accesses regular supervision.

How do i organise payment?

If you are self-funding then payment is usually taken after each session preferably by BACS transfer within 7 days from the session date. Dora Bernardes is also happy to provide an invoice after a certain number of sessions. 


You are at the centre of all that is provided.
We listen to you are are guided by what suits you best!
Dr Dora Bernardes, DClinPsy
Clinical Psychologist