Psychological services for children, young people and adults

Psychological support for children

Clinical Psychological assessments and interventions to support children with their development/ well-being. These are done in clinic and/or at home and may include observations of children at nursery or at school in order to fully get a picture of the child and his/her strengths as well as any areas that may require additional support.

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Psychological interventions with adolescents

Clinical Psychological assessments and interventions to support adolescents   with their well-being and resilience. Examples of areas that Dora can help with include supporting children and young people:

  • Letting go of worry and anxiety (generalised anxiety, panic, phobia, obsession and compulsion, separation anxiety)
  • Boosting self-esteem and confidence
  • Making sense and adjusting to life after a traumatic event
  • Finding meaning after loss and bereavement
  • Improving relationships
  • Adjusting to life with a physical condition
  • Dealing with school transition

Please note that I am not able to work with young people who present at risk to themselves and who may require a multi-disciplinary approach to meet their needs.

Parenting support

Support for parents with the challenging task of parenting. For example, how to deal with a child’s sleeping, feeding and behavioural difficulties? This work is done in a sensitive and supportive way. Parents say  they  feel listened, understood and given practical strategies. Examples of support to parents that Dora can offer include:

  • Parenting with confidence
  • Promoting positive behaviour in their children
  • Recovering from post-natal depression
  • Building close relationships with their children and creating secure attachment relationship
  • Supporting parents instilling routines at home (e.g., sleep, daily activities)
  • Supporting parents caring and managing the impact of a child’s physical health condition  on the whole family
  • Instilling a playful home environment where play is used to facilitate understanding of children’s emotions and strengthen family connections.
  • Specialist Clinical Psychological support  to Families who wish to or have adopted. For example, how to provide therapeutic parenting in practice? How to support adopted children at home and at school so that they can build secure relationships, feel happy and thrive. Examples of support to parents that Dora offer include:
  • Preparing for adoption and/or adjusting to adoption
  • Recovering from depression (post-natal and post-adoption depression)
  • Building close relationships with their children and creating secure attachment relationships
  • Supporting parents facilitating relational play using principles of Theraplay to help build relationship bonds with their children of any age
  • Facilitating therapeutic parenting using principles of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy
  • Using principles of parenting with PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy) in practice
  • Supervision, training and peer support for foster carers, social workers and other professionals.

In addition to clinical therapeutic work, we also provide training in Psychological Skills in a wide range of topics for both parents and professionals working with children. We are able to provide free sessions to you organisation depending on availability, so get in contact if you would like to find our more. 

Excellent clinical supervision to professionals working with children and young people. Supervision is based on trust and a commitment to best clinical practice. Facilitation of theory-practice links,  development of psychological formulations and reflection on practice are all strong components of supervision.