Psychological skills training & workshops

We provide training to professionals and parents on a wide range of topics related to children and young people well-being.

For any queries regarding training, please email Dora Bernardes –

Dora is an enthusiastic speaker and uses creative ways to engage her audience. Dora has outstanding presentation skills and often her presentations have very good feedback. 

A wide range of learning techniques are used to provide you with the highest possible standard of training.  For instance, workshops are interactive and experiential learning facilitated so that learning happens “by doing”. Resources to take home are often included in training sessions to enable you to make immediate use of your learning.

If you would like Dora to offer a lecture, training day or presentation at your venue, please let us know. For that, please indicate the title and topic on which you would like Dora to present, who the delegates are, how many there will be, length of presentation, and area of the country. We will send you all information regarding fees, terms and conditions.