Event to help children with worries and fears awareness is a great success

On the 11th of May myself and my colleague Dr Debora Vasconcelos e Sa offered a free event on “Helping children with worries and fears”. The aim of the event was to raise awareness about how worries and fears can manifest in children and what can parents and professionals do to help children in practice.

This online event was offered as part of Mental Health Awareness Week which in the UK is taking place from the 10thof May 2021. Considering the challenges that families have been facing during the covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to make a small contribute to support families and professional who may be on the lookout for strategies to support children and young people managing fears and worries. This was an hour-long event followed by a Q&A session where parents had a chance to make some questions.

We were delighted that 165 attendees from different countries attended this event, and that this event was such a great success! Feedback received was overwhelmingly positive.

For us, setting this event was a personal challenge so we feel both relieved and reassured that our event was so well received! Now, for us is time to take a breather and relax (until the next one)! If you have suggestions of events you would like to see, be in touch!

Kind regards

Dora Bernardes