Supporting children returning back to school after lockdown

What can we parents do to help our children and young people return to school after lockdown?
 The transition period back to school is a process that takes time. It is important to accept that each child and young person can settle at a different pace and that despite any strategies used, the transition back to school is process that will continue well beyond September. Children, parents and school – all wish the same goal – a good and happy time at school for all children. For that, collaboration and teamwork are really key to support each child through this process. 

For many children, the Covid-19 lockdown has meant a long period of time away from school. As such,  it is more important than ever to support children and parents with this change in daily lives. 

For a full description of the strategies: click here

So what can we do as parents to help children return to school?

1. Listen to your child – what are their fears and hopes about returning to school?

2. Prepare your child by providing information – have you got photos of how the school looks now? can you make a timetable with details of the school day?

3. Re-establish a daily school routine – can your child start to have as much as possible a daily routine in line with returning to school, such as sleep and mealtimes at regular times?

4. Consider a gradual return to school and school visits – have you considered discussing this with school, if you feel may benefit your child?

5. Celebrate the return to school –  this is about asking your child what have been the best things about being back to school, what has been their favourite things about being back to school?

6. Give your child a voice – can you let school know of your child’s suggestions to help with their learning?

7. Foster bridges between school and home – if helpful, can you set a zoom meeting with school to discuss how best to support your child?

8. Promote security and connection – once your child is back home from school, in what ways can you re-establish connection?

9. Accept challenges, seek support and keep hopeful! – yes, we all need support and hope that things will always get better, who are your sources of support?

In order to learn more how to put in practice each of the strategies, simply download the free resource below where each strategy is described in full. 

If you have any suggestions of additional strategies that you may like to share, just email me on, I would love to hear from you.

Stay hopeful!

Dora Bernardes